Online Church Worshipper

Lue Jun Yi
2 min readSep 5, 2021


You know what’s the most awkward part of an online church service? Worship. Hands down (pun intended). In between the moment the host said, “Let’s worship!” and him clicking the play button on his laptop, you have a millisecond to decide on what you are going to do in the next fifteen minutes of watching Youtube or pre-recorded worship videos. What kind of online church worshipper are you?

The Karaoke Singer

Holding nothing back, you go all out hitting the high notes of the bridge and harmonizing the chorus. May include lots of hand gestures like the YMCA, the Double High Five, the Single Hand Salute, the Chest Crest Holder and the Helicopter Rail.

The Lagger

No, the internet connection is fine. It’s not a display picture either. The Lagger is just staring blankly into the screen, probably downloading the worship lyrics playing through the computer speakers.

The K-Pop Band

Lip-sync singing is your specialty. When the video is turned on in a Zoom church service, lip-syncing is the safest bet in between The Karaoke Singer and The Lagger.

The Internal Worshipper

Didn’t the Bible say that worship is of the heart and not external appearance? I’m sure it’s written there somewhere. The Internal Worshipper sings to The Lord in his/her heart (or head). Although the lips are not moving, occasionally you nod your head during the upbeat praises or close your eyes when the reflective worship songs are played.

The Pseudo Musician

Music skills, nada. Confidence, sky high. Drums seem to be your go-to air instrument most of the time, but you may find yourself tapping the fingers on the table or strumming/shredding the tummy during the piano/guitar solos.

The Real Musician

Unlike the Pseudo-Musician, you actually know how to play a musical instrument. You grab your guitar to play along with the song, trying to catch the right chords at the right tempo. Having a perfect pitch and a vast library of worship songs in your memory are great advantages.

The SMP* Wanderer

Worship is a good time to catch up on the Facebook newsfeed, Instagram stories, Twitter updates and TikTok videos. Because you want to give full attention during the sermon. Really.

*Social Media Platforms

Yes, our online church services are not ideal, but they point us towards a better reality — to be able to meet physically. Yet we often forget that in meeting physically, it’s supposed to point us towards an even better reality — to be able to meet (with God and one another) eternally, where worship will be forever and ever (Revelation 4–5). May we continue to encourage one another as we see the Day approaching (Hebrews 10:24–25).